As you will see elsewhere on the site, social media can be used to create your brand and help you find a job, as well as all the advantages of the fun social stuff.  However sometimes when we become comfortable with using these every day tools we can become too relaxed to the risks and dangers.  Here we look at some simple and practical advice to help you stay safe online.

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Read these excellent tips on staying safe online including protecting your personal information and being a good online citizen.

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If you think you know how to avoid breaking the law on social media you may want to put yourself to the test with this interactive quiz “are you an accidental outlaw?”

olympic_torchTIP! Looking for images you can legally share? Why not have a look at Creative Commons.

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Pic credit: Pedro Szekely on Flickr. Shared under Creative Commons license BY-SA 2.0





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Navigate your way round the excellent resources available at Get Safe Online.  This outlines some of the risks you may face with online dating, blogging, using webcams etc., followed by advice on how best to avoid these risks and stay safe.

trophySUCCESS! Your safety and security is the most important aspect of being digitally literate.  These resources will also help you to be a good online citizen and look out for the safety and security of others too.

athleticsWhat next? Check out University of Westminster’s Social Media guidelines.

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