Job Hunting? Use Library Search! While you are university make the most of the resources available to you, not just for your assignments but for your future career too. Use library e-resources via Library Search to:

Find potential employers • Research companies using reliable sources • Keep up to date industries/sectors/countries • Get the edge over other candidates by doing brilliant research • Get experience using research sources you may need to use in your career

olympic_medal_bronzeGot 5mins?

Read this article from Glassdoor as to why you should do your research before a job interview and what information you should look for.

olympic_medal_silverGot 15mins?

Learn about 5 main e-resources to use for researching prospective employers with this presentation: Get the Digital Edge: using library resources for job hunting

olympic_medal_goldGot a bit longer?

Start your research now!  Use the links below to access the e-resources (uni login may be needed)

Library shot

FAME: search for UK company financial details, information about the directors and get mailing lists for sending out your applications.

Mintel: search for industry information like market shares, hot topics in the industry and which companies are innovating.

Passport: research global companies and industries.  Find country profiles and get an international outlook.

Factiva: search for current affairs information from the resource of global newspapers.

10 Minutes With: view short clips with business leaders to learn about different job roles and the skills they require

olympic_torchTIP! Find out the trade journal(s) for your industry.  This will give ideas of hot topics and issues and often contain job offers.  Type the name of a trade journal into Library Search to see if you have online access.

trophySUCCESS!  By checking out the resources above and researching your prospective employer and their industry, you have prepared well to get the edge over other candidates in the job market.

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