The College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, University of Westminster is made up of four diverse yet linked Schools (Life Sciences, Social Sciences, Law and Humanities). With an academic staff that spans criminology, evolution, molecular biology, history, law and linguistics and language, our hallway conversations are different.

The University of Westminster was founded as the Royal Polytechnic Institution over 175 years ago, and has had public engagement at its very core since this beginning. Our founding building at 309 Regent St was then, as it is now, a place where any member of the public could come to enjoy evening lectures on diverse topics, see a show at the United Kingdom’s first cinema, and witness demonstrations of seemingly magic new technologies.


In this spirit, we’re proud to invite members of the public to our annual Difference Festival. During this week-long celebration of the work of staff, students and alumni and friends of the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, we host lectures, movies, exhibitions and discussions centred around our research, just as we’ve been doing for the last 180 years. In a slightly more modern twist, outside of this annual event we also host Different Conversations, a podcast highlighting topical work by different Academics within the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences. We are proud to share our work with the wider public, so come join us.

Tickets are now live!

Tickets are now available for Difference Festival events! Please click here to view timings and Eventbrite links. For events after 6pm, booking is absolutely essential. Book early to avoid disappointment. Share your pics and comments online via #DifferenceFestival If you… more
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