In a contemporary world of fake news, orchestrated social media presence, individual-specific advertising and advanced editing software, we need to think more carefully about what we are told, when and by who.

This year, the Difference Festival focuses on the term ‘truth’. We will explore this term in its entirety via a diverse programme of events curated by academic staff from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. 

The University of Westminster has always been intent on assisting the public on their pursuit of truth. In 1838, The Polytechnic Institution at Regent Street was created as place for the public to explore new ideas, discover new inventions, acquire new knowledge and learn new skills. We strive to continue those ambitions and to make a difference, embodying the link between theory and practice and changing the world for good. 

Join us as we navigate the complexity of modern truth via workshops, discussions, activities and talks.

Click here to browse events and book tickets. 

Tickets are now live!

Tickets are now available for Difference Festival events! Please click here to view timings and Eventbrite links. For events after 6pm, booking is absolutely essential. Book early to avoid disappointment. Share your pics and comments online via #DifferenceFestival If you… more
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