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Student partnership

At Westminster we view partnership as a reciprocal process in which we share responsibility for shaping our learning and teaching environments and experiences. We work through a co-creation model of partnership which encourages students and faculty to build collaborative and reciprocal relationships of learning.

Student partnership is an area of development in the Centre for Teaching Innovation and across Westminster. We have a well-established Students as Co-Creators Project and we are currently looking at expanding student representation across the institution and moving co-creation into the curriculum.

Students as Co-Creators

A core part of our partnership work at Westminster is the Student as Co-Creators Project. This initiative provides opportunities and resources for students and staff to work together on research projects to enhance learning and teaching at Westminster. Project teams are student-led, with an academic partner working as a team member, offering advice and guidance to students.

The Students as Co-Creators Project gives students an opportunity to share their perspectives and ideas, shape their learning experiences, build networks and develop skills in team-working, leadership, communication, research, giving presentations, and managing projects and budgets. These experiences support students’ academic careers while also helping them gain important skills to enhance their employability.  Projects undertaken so far have included work on the impact of online learning, assessment briefs and exam stress, and language skills in the professional world.

Westminster student participants have taken advantage of many opportunities to showcase their work on the Students as Co-Creators project, both internally and externally. They have shared the results of their projects at the March 2015 JISC Change Agents Network meeting in Birmingham; the June 2015 and 2016 University of Westminster Learning & Teaching Symposia; the June 2016 JISC change agents’ network meeting at the University of Lincoln.

Recent projects

Exploring the usefulness of Youtube videos in enhancing student learning and integration into university

Reviewing assessment briefing processes to increase the transparency of assessment criteria  for students

Departmental differences in student engagement with iPads via use of smart applications during teaching sessions

Could exposure to technologies before online studies boost the academic performance of the student?

University of Westminster students and staff can find out more information about the Students as Co-Creators Project and how to get involved on our students as co-creators Google site.

Dr Jennifer Fraser is University Director of Student Partnership