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Professional development and recognition

The University recognises various progression routes for academic staff based on research, teaching, business, enterprise, scholarly activity and leadership. The role of the Centre for Teaching Innovation includes championing learning and teaching both internally and externally, developing a Westminster pedagogy that is intimately related to the curriculum, enhancing quality and providing opportunities for professional development and learning in relation to learning and teaching across the University.

This diagram indicates standard career pathways which academic staff at the University of Westminster may wish to consider pursuing.

The criteria for the award of the titles of ‘Professor’ and ‘Reader’ include specific provisions for progression based on teaching. For more information about the Professors and Readers Awarding Committee and the application process and criteria for titles, visit the Professors and Readers Awarding Committee staff intranet pages.

The University’s Professional Recognition and Enhancement Scheme for Teaching (PRESTige) encourages colleagues who teach and support learning to recognise and record their talents against a national benchmark of the UK Professional Standards  Framework (UKPSF) and leads to HEA Fellowships. PRESTige supports career progression and provides colleagues with an internationally recognised badge of success for effective teaching. HEA fellowships form an integral part of the university’s career development pathways and the university is delighted to be able to recognise colleagues’ achievements through the award of  Fellowships. Visit the PRESTige pages for more information.