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The Higher Education Academy (HEA) has accredited the Professional Recognition and Enhancement Scheme for Teaching (PRESTige) for the award of Fellowship of the HEA.  The scheme encourages colleagues who teach and support learning to recognise and record their talents against a national benchmark of the UK Professional Standards  Framework (UKPSF) and leads to HEA Fellowships. Achieving HEA recognition for teaching staff is a major goal for the university and is reflected in the strategic priorities of the University of Westminster’s Learning and Teaching Strategy.

PRESTige supports two professional recognition and development routes, both of which are accredited by the HEA: Postgraduate qualifications in Teaching in Higher Education which include a PG Cert Higher Education leading to Fellowship or Senior Fellowship of the HEA according to the pattern of modules taken, and a University Certificate of Special Study in Supporting Learning, a one-semester course leading to Associate Fellowship; and an experience-based, e-portfolio route for colleagues with three or more years of experience of teaching in Higher Education, leading to Associate Fellowship, Fellowship or Senior Fellowship of the HEA.

PRESTige supports career progression and provides colleagues with an internationally recognised badge of success for effective teaching. HEA fellowships form an integral part of the university’s career development pathways and the university is delighted to be able to recognise colleagues’ achievements through the award of  Fellowships.

In addition to our HEA Fellows, a significant number of colleagues have been awarded HEA Senior Fellowship in recognition of their successful leadership activities in relation to teaching and learning through roles at programme, departmental and university level.

HEA Principal Fellowships were awarded to Dr Kathryn Waddington and Professor Gunter Saunders in 2017 for their strategic contributions to enhancing teaching and learning at the university, nationally and internationally.

The PRESTige Scheme is delivered and supported by teams from Staff Learning and Development and the Department of Leadership and Professional Development and from colleagues across the University who act as advisors.

University of Westminster staff can find out more information about the scheme and how to apply on the PRESTige staff intranet pages.

PRESTige academic lead: Helen Pokorny

To register, or for further information, contact staffdev@westminster.ac.uk

For more information on categories of HEA fellowship, visit the HEA website.

Read more in the PRESTige scheme brochure


Professional Development as Online Learning

Between April and July 2014, the University of Westminster’s Helen Pokorny, Federica Oradini, and Ana E. Carballo undertook and analysis and evaluation of the online delivery of the Post Graduate Certificate in Higher Education (PG Cert HE).

The aim of the report was, firstly, to evaluate the success of the Pg Cert HE award in terms of student satisfaction and the impact it has had on the participants’ professional development and practice as teachers in HE, and secondly to learn from the experiences of participants and tutors on the course.