DEVELOPMENT & RECOGNITION 2017-02-21T12:23:05+00:00

Development and recognition

At Westminster, we strive to find ways of fostering and valuing staff engagement in, and passion for, learning and teaching development and scholarship as much as in academic discipline-focused research. The CTI works across the University to establish a holistic and coherent overview of the various opportunities for professional development in learning and teaching.

As well as enhancing the student experience through cutting edge and high quality teaching, such opportunities enable us to raise the profile and status of learning and teaching at Westminster. Through our activities, we are able to demonstrate that effective pedagogy is supported, recognised and rewarded through clear teaching-focused career development pathways for individuals, at whatever stage they are in their career.

We are fostering a culture, in which peer observation as well as the tools of mentoring and coaching, enable everyone to benefit from being part of a community of practice. Westminster Learning Communities will support the exchange and development of practice and those who have received internal or external teaching awards are supported to build an identity as advocates and consultants.

Our flagship PRESTige programme is supporting teaching across the University through our ambitious goal of supporting 100% of our staff to achieve fellowship of the Higher Education Academy.