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Cross-disciplinary learning and teaching

The University of Westminster is fully committed to enabling its graduates to address the problems of tomorrow through a range of innovative perspectives. One way it prepares its students to make a difference on future worlds is by encouraging learners to engage with a range of subjects and disciplines within the University.

Cross-Disciplinary Learning and Teaching is a unique strand within the University of Westminster’s portfolio of learning experiences. With a focus on bringing together different academic disciplines, we encourage both students and academic staff to think about how their knowledge of the world can be enhanced through active engagement with other disciplines and perspectives. And, more crucially, we encourage students to take the lead in developing new approaches to knowledge both within and outside the University.

Cross-Disciplinary Learning and Teaching reflects the University of Westminster’s proud history of supporting innovation in education, science and industry, business, and the creative sectors. With a focus on bringing together people from across the university Cross-Disciplinary Learning and Teaching is concerned with developing learning experiences that enable graduates from all disciplines to make a difference to their global communities.

Cross-disciplinary modules provide students with opportunities to expand key professional skills and engage with different disciplines within the University. They are also key to helping students realise their graduate potential, giving greater choice and broadening educational horizons. Employers are looking for graduates who are highly literate, who are able to think critically about the world, and who can respond creatively to future challenges. The Westminster Plus Elective modules are credit-bearing and they are offered across the University to eligible students.

Westminster Plus Electives encourage students to reflect on both their academic, professional and global journeys. Some of the opportunities include:

  • Work-based learning modules
  • Student project modules
  • Career and Professional modules
  • Global engagement modules
  • Cross-disciplinary modules
  • Polylang Plus (language) modules

Each year the University will update the range of cross-disciplinary modules to ensure that our graduates are some of the most resilient and adaptable within their chosen fields.

Some courses (particularly those where course content is closely aligned to professional accreditation) are ineligible for the cross-disciplinary modules programme.

Find out more about Westminster Plus Electives on the University’s website.

Dr Thomas Moore is University Director of Cross-Disciplinary Learning and Teaching